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Jayesh Purohit

Jayesh Purohit is a writer. Alphabets create the same impact on him as cheese would create on Jerry, the Mouse. His romance with words dates back to the twilight years of the twentieth century when he lost his heart to Miss British Lingo. He loves to write on literature, language, advertising, branding, and entertainment.

Style of Writing: Best Thoughts Need Simplest Words

Unlike Mathematics and other related disciplines that deal with numbers, the field of Arts is concerned with human emotions, experiences, and observations. Probably for this reason, its effectiveness and quality cannot be measured on any numeric scale. Time and again, in the world of Literature, among myriad other things, writers, critics and readers have articulated their views and opinions about Style of Writing. And until now, nobody has come to any final and solid conclusion; the debate will continue as long as the moon and sun appear in the sky. However, readers, if not critics, agree that simple writing style is more attractive and consumable.