Glossary G

Glossary G

Genre differentiation

The categorization of literature based on its style, form, and subject matter.

  • Prose vs. Verse: Text Types (Clarified)
  • Geographical context

    The physical location and setting of a story or piece of writing.

  • Setting vs. Scene: Literary Locations (Defined)
  • Glossary

    A list of terms and definitions used in a piece of writing, often found at the end of a book or document.

  • Epilogue vs. Afterword: Book Endings (Explained)
  • Gothic elements

    Literary devices and themes associated with the Gothic genre, such as darkness, horror, and supernatural elements.

  • Romance vs. Romanticism: Genres (Clarified)
  • Government officials

    People who hold positions of authority in government.

  • Satire vs. Parody: Humor in Literature (Explained)
  • Greek theater

    Ancient theatrical performances in Greece.

  • Epic vs. Tragedy: Literary Forms (Defined)
  • Guilt-tripping

    Using emotional manipulation to make someone feel guilty or responsible for something.

  • Pathos vs. Bathos: Emotional Appeals (Explained)