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Gavin Gardiner

Gavin Gardiner was born and raised in Scotland. Never having had the heart to leave, he currently resides in Glasgow with his ever-patient girlfriend and ever-demanding kitten.

His debut horror novel For Rye is now available, with his follow-up novella The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe coming soon. Several short stories and a selection of non-fiction articles and analysis pieces on the genre can be found in various online publications and in print via:

Hes currently working on his second novel, Witchcraft on Rcken Ridge, and has grand plans for the future of his unique brand of horror. He very much hopes youll join him for the nightmares to come.

The Tag

He sits up and swings his legs off the slab, then looks back at that precious white face. Yes, she wants to stay. Maybe a little while longer wouldn’t hurt, after all. Rising to his feet, he straightens his tie and buttons his cuffs before heading for the door. He stops abruptly, letting out a slight sigh and pulls the tag from his pocket. He replaces it around the cadaver’s big toe and steps from the room, making his way down the corridor to his office. He picks up the telephone.

A Dying Moment

Did dying moments stretch out like elastic, the final split second of your life protracting for longer than anyone could ever know? He’d learnt that male mosquitoes live for an average of ten days, yet their perception of time may allow for this short lifespan to feel to them like what we know as months. The smaller the animal, the faster its metabolic rate; the faster its metabolic rate, the slower the passage of time appears to them. Try to swat a fly and you’ll have your proof. He’d even skimmed some papers hypothesising a possible solution of mankind’s distant descendants to the eventual end of the universe: manipulation of their metabolisms to experience the final centuries of the cosmos as countless millennia.