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Erin Greco

Erin Greco embodies a young childlike spirit despite being aged. She has always been able to read energies and feel others' emotions since she was young. Creative outlets such as writing, painting, hand engraving, pyrography, walks in nature, cooking, and dancing feed her soul. To her, these outlets are as important as food, water, and air. While growing up, she kept her talents out of the spotlight; however, as she aged, she found ways to use her gifts to help others. She started donating art pieces to fundraisers and began inspiring those who were terminally bedridden through her works. She has also had an art piece displayed at the Everson Museum of Art in New York City and has her spiritual poems published in Page Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume 1. She is currently illustrating children books she has written. Furthermore, she sells her art pieces at Kindred Souls Vintage Lovelies. Erin believes that one's journey through life should be treasured, celebrated, and shared through different means of expression. She believes that one's vulnerabilities and truths are beautiful and powerful because one learns through others' experiences.

‘I’ll Put the Kettle On’

He began to chuckle to himself
when he saw pictures of the joyous moments
he and his wife had shared on the shelf.
He then turned his head
to the other armchair that was empty;
He just stared at it longingly.
He turned his head once again
because he’d thought he
heard from the kitchen
his sweet wife Nan saying ,
‘I’ll put the kettle on dear.’