Draught of Air

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

The draught of air won’t slay this searing heat,
A heat that now has slain the cold we bore
For years in our hearts till love came to fore
The day I proffered we go out to eat;
D’you call to mind how we’d both felt complete
Upon combining our souls right before
You said, ‘I feel you have become my core,
For I can’t no more keep our acts discreet.’?

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I’ve hoped since that each day brings only joy
Just so the ones we’ve loved need shed no tears;
Like you, I also want the godly ploy
That has brought us close to relieve our fears.
And then we shall create more heat, destroy
This cold that can numb souls for many years.

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