Free Verse Poetry

My Favorite Teacher


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The glasses she sported glistened,
the flashes of light emitted piercing my eyes
as I stood enamored
of the sight I was witness to
upon the school playground
with my schoolmates,
about a thousand in number,
under a bright, blue sky
that bathed itself
and the refreshed earth
smelling of petrichor
in the morning sun,
which had by then bested
several dark, cunning clouds
and winds blowing wild.

Her voice was poised,
and when she addressed us
for the first time,
a wave of silence descended
as if it were preordained
that a shrilled silence would dawn
when she worded the thoughts
she had in her mind,
for silence was a word
not in the dictionary
the students of St Mary’s used.

Her smile infected the atmosphere,
calming the minds of those
who beheld its beauty,
and when she looked at me,
my heart skipped a beat
even as my mind wondered if
we would grow lucky enough
to have her as our mentor.

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We hankered for someone like her,
someone who could not just preach
and go about imparting knowledge
but be a comrade wise enough
to remind us time and again
that two wrongs made nothing right,
frank enough to point out
our mistakes of omission and commission,
and smart enough to understand
the trials and tribulations
of the present generation.

That day she did become my class teacher,
and today as I call those very days
to my ageing, unseen mind
– days she taught us English
poetry, dramas, fiction, and all that jazz
in a way we had never known before –
I have only this to state:
Rita ma’am, you were very much adored,
you sure are, and you’ll always be.

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PS: September 5 is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India.

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