Awfully Assonating

The Knight Set Right

The knight that night with might set right
Each plight of men with tempers frayed;
The men then penned their thoughts then light
And journeyed to far lands as aides.
Each land did stand each hand they had;
Sun tanned their bright and chiseled forms;
When time was ripe to slay the bad,
They were no less than ruthless storms.

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I saw their flaws with awe at thaw;
And when the draw of swords was heard,
I stilled myself and zipped my jaw,
For I was in their kill list third.
They killed the bad and left the good
So a knight that day could be born;
The rest a Tale of Robinhood,
The knight who shall not once be torn.

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Image by Joan Greenman from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

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