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You Are My Poetry


I want to explore the interior of your heart where you’ve allowed no one so far. And I dare to witness all the dark parts of you, where you’ve buried your secrets, memories of people you love the most, your tears that have dried up on the surface of hopes you had from the people that you fell for. I want to caress your scars and lovingly see how words bloom out of them. It undoubtedly sounds crazy, but yeah I not only want you, but I also want your darkness, your silence, your hopes, and the shattered parts of your heart, the smithereens of your stories, and everything you are apprehensive of showing to the world. I will treasure everything of you like the gems of wisdom a scholar keeps in the coffer of his mind. When I look at your smile, in my heart, poems take birth. As a chivalrous lover, I want to proffer them to you. For you are my poetry.

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

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