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The roses no longer taste ruby,
Minarets swept into the sea,
Flicking digits hotly,
Pulling triggers until bodies stop twitching
I am black and silver and crimsoning,
War drums rhythmically.
The nuclei ripped asunder,
Thermal nuclear proclivity.
Stygian puts a legion at my dominion,
Animus hostility,
All I see is red.

Strident astringent in lockstep,
Marshaling cadence of hellistic hades,
Patrician praetorian stoicism ides in
the storm.
Caustic belligerence,
Thunderous prurience,
Cowled in cacophony,
Flanked amongst a murder militancy of crows,
Betwixt amidst a bat’s battalion,
Leading the feral howl of wolves,
All I see is red.

Ash under boots, embers under axle,
ash in the rifle,
Dire fresh grave rattles, tombs collapse,
Pulse thrums stabbing through your
hollowed grounds,
Chthonic strides marching past
demarcation lines,
Zero sum stomping bellicose blares
in the depths,
Tighter and tighter concentrics of dread
thread you.
I’m coming for all of you.
And all I taste is red.

Lips curled and twitched sardonic
scowl snarled,
Teeth gritted, nail fisted, quiver smirk rifling,
Obsidian oculi fire darkling.
I blotted out the sun, I scorned sanity,
A menagerie of shard fractures maddeningly.
Holocaust positivity,
Self assuring soliloquys slaughtered.
Blood thralls pound in ears relentlessly,
My hands constrict hopes throat,
throttling impunity.
Gasp for air! Claw in desperation! Die foul
fucking wretch!
Burned out sockets to molten black grinning
pupil portals,
Ragged jagged raged breath wreathed inferno.
I AM…the outer…darkness.
All I feel is red.

Out in the peripheries I am murdering
old Gods,
Sulfuric cinders immolate Apollo,
Athena to embers.
Venus retrogrades to horrors in my house,
Phobos and Deimos shiver at my ascension.
Zeus begs trembling on bended knee.
There will be no clemency.
All I hear is red.

I espies the demise, dread entropy rise,
Under my saturnal glare.
Stoic statue with unbreakable iris,
Retinas tora tora in kamikaze stare,
Aircraft carriers a blaze in my blink,
The Weimar Republic burns down again.
I am irradiated in tranquilities death.
Eclipsing Helios in heated splendour.
Everything I touch is red.

Eyes lacre wide entranced with liquid
plumes of ire.
Flak cannons, phalanx and cavalry.
I am twisted razor wire.
Writhed wrath reactionary wraith,
Dire defiance homecomings,
Brundisium to Elysium,
Black, jacked boots marching,
Beware, I am crossing the Rubicon.
I AM Caesar.
And all I see is red.

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