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Nature’s Love

Image by Jörg Peter from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered how the sky
Finds a thousand ways to kiss the earth?
Sometimes sunbeams, sometimes rain,
Dewdrops, mist or snow it sends.
It keeps its love alive and new
That men of the world know but few!
How earth embraces the warmth and soaks,
Rejuvenating itself when the sky does evoke
Love unconditional, pure and true
The love men yearn for but seldom brew!

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In the realm of nature love rules all
Unstained affection stands upright and tall!
The love you feel when the wind caresses soft
In autumn evenings, the spirit soars aloft;
When the starlit night hugs you tight
You melt in the grip of the silvery sight.
Or on the beach on a dark cold night
When with bleeding heart the tears you fight,
The pearl white waves rush toward you
Kiss at your feet, wash away all woe,
Or the sight of the rainbow on the horizon bright
Infuses the heart with warm ethereal light.

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The soul is splashed with colours profuse
When the sky in springtime is sprayed with hues!
How intense and selfless is Nature’s love!
Unlike petty humans who deliberately shove.
Cupid failed to ingrain his art
In mankind, his humour hardly lasts!
The fleeting, flirtatious, deceitful kind
Is oft taken as love pure and divine.
Aristophanes’s myth of the origin of love
Proves to be right over and above.
When Zeus split the humans into two
The search for the other an eternal ado!
If the real half was ever to be found
Would all the malaise erase from this ground?

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