Rhythmic and Metric

The Town I Live in

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

The town I live in is one of a kind,
Where millions who abide in abject want
Discourse with folks who breakfast on fine rind
Without a falter in many a haunt,
And cosmic chaos eyed does cause my mind
To trow I am in some trancelike jaunt
Wherein the rich know not to deign or vaunt
Or feign pride and mistreat the ones broke;
Ware they are that life shall one day go up in smoke!

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Oh, mansions seen embellish narrow streets,
Each of which is graced by dire slums as well,
And every man who dwells in slums defeats
The filth of their soul to escape pain, hell;
And each who weens karma exists not meets
Death like those who believe in strength of knell;
It’s good the rich and poor don’t best or fell
The ones who prize affection being woke;
Ware they are that life shall one day go up in smoke!

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There come days when great nature equals all,
Not worried ’bout rich, powered, mighty men
Or feeling sad for those poor and too small
And folks who have not known what’s homely den;
Like dreams that go away when sleep we stall,
Oft making us forget time and again
Each sight that then looked as witching as glen,
The scenes tell us that with time we shall choke,
Thus making us ware life one day goes up in smoke!

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