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The Highway to Heaven

Image by jodeng from Pixabay

I was sitting with bags seven
Waiting for the bus on the highway to heaven
Soon the bus stopped right in front of me
But the attendant on seeing the heavy baggage blocked my entry
I got very annoyed, and as I was about to start a fight
He told me that he would permit me only if I travel light
I promised that I would throw a bag at each resting stop
So he allowed me inside and I boarded the bus with a hop
At the first stop, I threw my bag carrying ‘Comparisons’
And the bus started again, leaving that station
On the next stop, I chose to throw the bag containing ‘Expectations’
And thereafter I found myself breathing more freely as one does in the moment of liberation
On the next stop, I was blinded by the light of the burning holy fire
In it, I threw three bags more carrying my ‘Desires’
On the next stop, I threw the remaining bags of ‘Vanity and Ego’
I felt that I had bartered the baggage for bliss in one go
My journey became so wonderful without all that baggage
I had collected so much trash in the name of required luggage
As I started freely enjoying my journey, the bus again came to a halt
I saw that it stopped in front of a refreshment stall
With great honour, I was made to sit on a chair
I saw that the holy water of wisdom was being served there
The owner offered the holy water so that I could feel rejuvenated and refreshed
And I started my journey again liberated and afresh
On the last stop, I thought I had reached heaven
But I found myself on the same stop from where I had started with the bags seven
The driver told me that heaven is not located in a distant place
Heaven is your home on earth without the unneeded baggage.

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