Blank Verse Poetry

When I Eyed Your Evil Eyes

Image by CristiYor from Pixabay

When I looked right into your eyes,
Your soul showed truths slain, sealed by you;
And like scenes seen in horror flicks,
They spooked my mind, made body sore.
Life once eyed in your eyes grew dead
As your voice waned, losing its charm!

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What transpired next caused me great harm,
For I learnt I was conned, fooled
By you and those you had valued;
Places you’d been to were revealed,
So were lanes you’d trodden upon;
I smiled though my heart rang bruised bells.

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What I wished was to let out yells
Loud enough for people to turn,
Watch me weep, know what I’d gone through.
Sadly, I willed to let go, dust
Those thoughts that had caused grief and pain.

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Those thoughts though are time and again
Wakened from sleeps too sound and deep;
And like damned dust that arises
When a building meets its sad end,
Those thoughts fly high, topping my soul.

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State what can now make me pure, whole!
For part of me has delved into
Realms that are as dark as your soul!
Must I head to a place where light reigns,
Drowning troubling thoughts that cause no gains?

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