Acrostic Poetry

Tricolor Profaned

The day turned dark, as dark as night,
Republic when grew saddened, stark;
In our great land reigned fear and fright,
Confusion triumphed, made black mark.
Oh, and the day lost glory, light,
Left was a pained and silenced spark!
Out ran sharks, putting us to shame;
Rage, ire was feigned for short-lived fame.

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Pretentious men sat, watched the harm,
Recalling to word their dead thought;
Observed was chaos; there was no calm!
Farm laws were blamed and farmers bought.
And while a few men bought the farm,
None with gun willed to hurt the lot.
Egregious lies surfaced soon though,
Demands ceased, given was the go.

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Image by prajapatiharsh from Pixabay

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