Abecedarian Poetry

Feelings Felt

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Askew went the planning
Because of our notions,
Caused lots of lamenting
Did soil our emotions;
Edged then were our portions
Facetious was fought fight,
Gone feelings then lotions
Helped both to become light.
Inns darkened like piqued night
Jacked but the joys we held,
Kindled hope but not once might
Left grit was then well felled.
Methinks what transpired quelled
Nefarious thoughts clung to,
Oh, we were to sure meld
Persistence with hope too.
Quenched were our needs, phew,
Remained when none but trust;
Struck godliness like loo,
Told all ‘Things shall grow just’.
Ubiquitous God bust
Vague feelings possessed, felt;
Win did we, fair and just,
Xed saddening thoughts smelt.
Yon day we got fine,
Zipped those thoughts in our mine.


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