You’re Such an Ingenious Fool!

You tell me you know best,
That there’s none that can best you;
Shall I put you to test
So I could find out what’s true?
There are days when I oft rue
The friendship we did share
When does come a blazing loo
That tells me you don’t care.

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A force that guides each guest,
Who is seen when you go through
Those woes that steal your rest,
Has gone missing in your view.
You believe what you well drew
Is through your witty glare
Oh, ingenious fool are you
That tells me ‘You don’t care!’

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Remember what I say lest
You should fall from this canoe
That does look like a nest
To the men with wider view
But then I see exist you
Who win many a vile dare
You’ve lost your self, says the crew
That tells me you don’t care.

Ingenious fool you’re, Blue,
One who cannot once flare
Like the Sun that guides me, you
When you tell me, ‘You don’t care!’

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