Free Verse Poetry

The Gratitude Poem

It all began with a tribute to my teacher
Anglo Indian Cynthia miss
She was the one who taught me A B C
Neither did I wait for the Sun to rise nor the Moon to shine
Whenever wherever I found time
I typed my heartfelt feelings prime
My Masters in Law not in English may have restrained my syntax, syllabe and style
My failing to punctuate a sentence is both intentional and inability
Yet times my word power
So limited crept on repeating on the same tree
Like a bougainvillaea
With pale colours
But the critical acclaim but partial yet times
Fuelled my expressive venture like an adventure
With no Capitol Venture required
No publisher enquired
My journey continued
Often disturbing my septuagenarian mother
My ever encouraging wife
My two kids on the block
A cousin, the first critic
All disturbed at midnight
From their deep slumber
Making them aware of my intention in my baritone intonation
I did try to plant different saplings in my nursery, many of them frail, a few needing haircut
I thank each one of them
Who read my inverted modern art for investing their time and effort
In sending me their wishes
Love and appreciations
I wish I had enriched my vocabulary, content, theme
And narration
Anyhow I reached a milestone, a magic figure
A century with a few misses and benefit of doubts
I hope there are a few boundaries and sixes as well
Thank you one and all for your encouragement

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Image by DreamPixer from Pixabay

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