Acrostic Poetry

Message This Year: War With Vices, at Love With Foes

Be sound, sane and strong in your world unbound;
At mornings, thank God, for He lets you rise.
War with the thoughts that may keep you quite bound.
With others liken not, you’ll not grow wise.
Your actions will determine your life, dear.
Vices that you have shall vanish right here.

And you’ll sight a dawn knocking on your door;
At your home all will be happy and fine.
Love and joy will conduct you, make you soar.
With your loved ones you will be on cloud nine.
Your life’ll set an example for the rest;
Foes might want to play you, but them you’ll best!

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Let this year rouse the knight in you that sleeps;
Each moment let the wakened you rejoice.
New days will bring new beginnings in leaps;
Year after year you will attain more poise.
Make wise decisions, let there be no hate;
You will obtain what you desire, my mate.

Much needs to be done in this world we live in;
Better be kind so, reproach each wrong and sin.

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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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