‘It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love’

Julie Kusma might have just one book to her name, but she is pretty darn sure people will soon know her as a full-fledged author. Speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction, the author lets on that she has several projects in the editing phase, all of which she plans to publish in 2021. ‘It is never too late to do what you love,’ begins the quinquagenarian, who holds a Master’s degree in English, Creative Writing, and Fiction. She tells us she began writing in her twenties but did not write anything with serious intent until she turned fifty. 

Julie Kusma

‘Stuck’ With Writing

Talking about her published book entitled ‘Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries’, a collection of short stories previously published with an online publisher, the author says she chose to self-publish this work to help build her author platform and gain readers. ‘However, I’m currently editing three completed novels that will be published next year,’ she iterates. 

Nevertheless, when asked if she plots out her stories before putting pen to paper, Ms Kusma states that the story concepts more often than not pop into her head. ‘An entire story sometimes drops into my mind, and I begin pulling this apart and writing it down. Now, when writing for a contest, I follow the parameters provided,’ she explains, adding, ‘In this case, yes, I have to build a story around the guidelines. For the short story Relevant Evidence in Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries, the case guideline was the main character having to get lost and not finding a way back and incorporating a sock into the storyline,’ she says.

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Julie Kusma’s debut book Stuck that Way and Other Quandaries is a collection of short stories

Writing to Get Rid of Thoughts

While becoming an author was not something the author had thought of in her childhood, she stresses that because she always possessed a vivid imagination, she could not but put pen to paper. ‘As many ideas constantly swim around my head, it is only natural for me to feel the only way to eliminate the thoughts is to write them down,’ she tells us.

Be that as it may, would she like to tell something to authors who lose motivation if a few of their works don’t do well? ‘Well, I suppose it would depend on the measurement one is using to gauge “doing well”. For instance, if sales volume lacks, I should tell them to look at the marketing plan. If one, however, needs to improve their writing, I’ll ask them to take a class. My advice to all though would be not to let anything deter you if writing is what you want,’ she says.

And as the conversation draws to a close, we wonder if there is a thing or two that she would want to change in the world we bide in. ‘There are many things I would want to change if I could. But most importantly, I would love everyone to understand their worth,’ she declares, signing off with a smile.

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