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The Last Month of Hope and What’s the Use?

The Last Month of Hope

The last eleven months passed
With lives tortured and harassed.
Covid and wars dominated the list,
Compassion and humanity dismissed.

The final month of the year, December,
Shall bring positivity for us to remember.
Let the month bring a decline in fatalities
With Covid and wars suffering disabilities.

Hope our prayers would get answered;
May peace and prosperity be showered!
Let the month be a harbinger of peace,
Prisoning the chaos, orderliness a release.

The past few months mayn’t have been good;
But the last may well bring back your mood.
Shakespeare said, ‘All’s well that ends well,’
So December will bring a good story to tell.

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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

What’s the Use?

What’s the use of hands so strong
If they crave for deeds all wrong;
Do you deserve to have a hand,
Unwilling to help, away if it does stand?

What’s the use of elegant edifices
If they can’t shelter or let sacrifices.
Can you sleep with a peaceful mind
When a shelter the homeless can’t find?

What’s the use of a luxurious car
If it can’t fit a traveller travelling far?
Can you drive alone with jubilant pride,
Having refused a soul a pleasant ride?

What’s the use of a lot of money?
If you can’t donate a few, it’s funny!
Can you afford to see a poor soul die
Just for a few bucks? Won’t you feel shy?

What’s the use of owning a box of gold
If you can’t help the poor and the old?
Can you dance on wealth and thrive
When the poor and old struggle with life?

Tell me the answers to all my queries
With honest answers backed with theories.

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