Rhythmic and Metric

Stopping by the Churchyard on My Father’s Birthday

BEFORE YOU READ: The poem you are to read is composed by Jim Khan, a renowned poet from England. It is inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost. You can purchase Mr Khan’s latest book of poetry by clicking on the cover image of the book underneath. The proceeds from the sales of the book will directly go to a UK Housing Charity.

Whose words are these I know I’ve heard?
To read his marker seems absurd,
He will not see me stopping by
Nor holding back the need to cry.

But why does conscience feel distraught?
Those pugilistic things he taught
Are summarized within that stone,
Beneath which lies his blood and bone.

I give my head a clearing shake
Reminded of his gross mistake,
No longer can he sermonize
But only rot and fertilize.

His memory, a troubled brook,
His death, my greatest piece of luck
For freedom, mine to duly keep
Yet still I fight the urge to weep.

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