Free Verse Poetry

An Endless Eternity and Flames of Crimson

An Endless Eternity

An endless eternity of stars
Blanketed the lofty canopy celestial
Far into unseen mystery
Where swirling lights
A’simmer in a sea of indigo
Washed across the cosmos entire
And vanished into an infinity of glistering dust
That shimmered and glowed
‘Gainst the deep
As it hummed and pulsed with very life
And echoed amid the dark cloisters of night
That filled the chambers aloft in the galactic nebula
Throughout the aeons of darkness entire
Which occupied an endless realm without boundary
A’sprinkled into a distant darkness unfathomable
With empire upon empire
In universe after universe
Of myriad glittering protostars and cosmic clusters
That gleamed and flared like fireflies a’swarm
At the very hour of a silent twilight deserted

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Flames of Crimson

Flared high in the lofty skies at the hour of dusk
As the blazing sun
Burned low on the horizon
Where it regarded its coruscating image
Mirrored in the limpid seas below
With curiosity and admiration prideful
For the majestic orb magnificent
Was verily framed by a halo of gold a’gleaming
That by degrees into the blue of the sky
Did slowly meld
Where to lilac it turned
Then faded into a stippled powdery pink
That with its pastel beauty dappled
Did delicately grace the taut sheet
Spread out across the domed vault
Which arched above the world
As the heavens capricious
Suddenly came alive afresh
With a kaleidoscope of colours spectacular
That bloomed in the lofty heights bestirred anew
For to transiently hold back awhile
The dark hues of night a’burgeoning
A’hovering at yonder edge of the firmament
The hour of nightfall imminent to initiate

Image by 11333328 from Pixabay

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