Shall We Make the Sky Our Home?

I to Her

Shall we make the sky our home stupendous
and dwell there for aye with peace, contentment?
Oh! The rainbow shall make us flamboyant;
Roofed we’ll be by Swarga great, bodacious!
Earth below will show all that’s rapacious,
and the stars shall sure axe our resentment;
Waiting I’m now for the end’s commencement,
make that place home where bide men sagacious.

I suppose ends oft bring new inceptions,
Some that might well carry us to skies bright;
And ween I this world is just a strange dream,
Dream where homes are built to face destructions;
But you’ve maintained exist worlds that are right,
Dwellings where get built to fall not but gleam.

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She to Me

The sky will house us, I say with no doubt;
Of course, the Earth will take care of our feet.
But would that we dwelt within not but out
So we may make these planets our strong fleet!

Ends I think show us truths unknown, unheard;
And that’s exactly what I like ’bout ends.
The Sun and Moon we see look quite unstirred;
Who knows if there exist men who are friends?

May I ask when the beginning did begin?
The number of beginnings we’ve had as well.
I do see houses where there are no kin;
No sky is needed, home is where we dwell.

House may not be home, home need not be house;
Let’s thus joy all that’ll henceforth come to pass.

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Image by papagnoc from Pixabay

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