Ode to the Sun


Like a jewel thou shineth, dark thou sendeth home.
Planets eight thou holdeth, showing thy might;
Were you absent, would exist a stone?

We’re told thou defeateth fiends to cast light,
Resteth thou not, pomp thine can’t be fathomed.
If thou failed to do thy job, what would I sight?

If I failed to worship thee, I’d be doomed,
poisoned would I be with shame, guilt, and glee;
Thou wouldst but still scatter light not once gloomed.

How many centuries hast thou helped mankind!
Selfless, silent, strong, and sound thou hast been;
Thou hast aided paupers and kings, each kind.

Without thee the world would be a dark dream,
for no men, dames, trees, or seas could be seen.

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Sun is what we know thee as, a fireball;
Thou moveth ’bout in track one laid by God.
Sky is thy roof, on Earth thou wilt not fall.

Children of this land adore thee and laud.
For them thou standeth for joy and beauty;
We believe thou art not less than our Lord.

Thou doest demanding duty thine how
each and every day not being once tired?
‘Dost thou feign strength?’ might ween all that’s sooty.

Thy sheer grit I always have admired,
and quite oft have I desired to reach thee;
Oh! Those that have bode on thee are inspired!

Without thee the world would be a barren sea,
for won’t be seen a man, woman, or tree.

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I’ll worship thee once thou riseth in East,
and sure ere thou giveth way to darkness;
With thee I should love to joy in a feast.

I shall trust in thee and want thou to bless,
none shall ever forget thee or neglect;
Seest thou all, no need for us to confess.

‘Wherefrom do thou riseth?’ might I reflect?
Also on where thou vanisheth at night!
I know thou wilt ever drive my intellect.

Would that each night thee I could nicely sight!
And each morning worship thee with honey…
Oh! From thee I derive strength to bad times fight.

Without thee nothing in this world I’d see,
for won’t exist a man, dame, tree, or sea.

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Image by Marion Wellmann from Pixabay

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