Express Specials

Twenty Twenty

I can’t believe December’s here;
This year’s been like a bad dream.
From Covid to typhoons to floods,
things have gotten too extreme.

Recall I wishing friends a great year;
It feels like ’twas last night.
But oh, I can’t believe the truth:
December is now in sight.

In Jan we learnt of a disease
caused by a virus too small.
And now we go about our tasks;
We shop in many a mall.

February came, we thought we’re safe,
many men did land new jobs;
In March you’re aware of what happed:
We did hear a lot of sobs.

In April nations were locked down,
and steps taken were quite big.
The greatest states looked sombre,
existed no play or gig.

Weren’t peoples’ tempers very frayed
when May said to all ‘Hi’?
Know we in the blink of an eye,
the month bid us ‘goodbye!’

In June a lot of us grew sad
as things from bad to worse went.
I feel the leaders did struggle,
To right businesses hell bent.

July millions were declared dead
yet nations opened up;
Temples and churches remained closed,
but men were spotted in pubs.

With August a new normal was born,
we began doing our jobs.
And in September mass rallies
were not bad a bit, no flops.

I do remember October
brought with it so many joys.
We observed many festivals,
homes decorated with toys.

In November people cared not
to discuss ’bout the virus.
They knew they ought to wear masks
and meet a doc for sinus.

And now it’s December, oh boy!
A vaccine we sure await.
So we may return to the old norm
and not curse the mankind’s fate.

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