Free Verse Poetry

The Brooding Sky

The brooding sky harried the realm
It glowered beneath an angry brow
Through narrowed eyes
Glistering with intentionally unconcealed rage
Tinged with the betrayal
Of a fleeting mocking delight
At the discomfitted souls below
Its flinty gaze spoke of a heart of steel
While clouds of foreboding
Gathered an army of celestial warriors
From mercenaries and militants malcontents
Pressganged from the murkiest far corners
Of the universe
A slow high pitched whistle escaped
From the sky’s thin angry lips
A twofold welt of purple stretched across its jaw
The colour of the bruising
It intended to inflict upon the world
Its defenseless victim in a battle of unequals
That it planned to escalate out of control
In the blink of an eye
Now it wrestled with the life below
It simmered and boiled
In a symphony of discordant notes
Of flats and sharps with sharp sharps a’mangled
Flat flats alongside sharp flats and flat sharps
All spat out from between its jagged teeth
For there would be no harmony in any song
Within the heartless form of this day
Until all earthly life was gripped with afflictions grave
And for the sky to exert itself further
Was now quite unnecessary
For the battle was won afore it had ere begun

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Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay

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