All for Jin

A woman named Jin who dwells in the woods
wakes up at four just to read mystery books.
Works she for railways and deals with new goods;
That she enjoys not, so spends time by brooks.
It is believed if she chanced on some crooks,
beating a hasty retreat’d not be her choice;
For hear we that she has got bloody looks
that shall drive off every man with no poise.

It’s learnt she once slew gory, shameless hoods
right next to that cot where bide female cooks;
So should you encounter her sporting hoods,
stay careful lest your blood flow in these brooks.
Suggest I that you carry astounding books,
for that’ll make her forget the worldly noise;
And if you can, please find out how she cooks
because I wish to marry her, no choice.

I’ve not yet ventured into the dark woods,
for trow I that I might get robbed by rooks;
But you being the strongest in the backwoods
could frighten men away with raging looks.
So, head now without getting caught by schnooks
who know not when to raise alarm or noise;
And if I found you went not by my books,
I’d go into the woods losing my poise.

Remember Jin’s the only lass with books,
so it’s believed you’ll make the right surmise;
But if you made the mistake of donning hoods,
the next day you’d be found dead, no surprise.

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