Abecedarian Poetry

Questions Remain

Answers I have looked for,
But questions still remain;
Chasing me like a cop,
Dim they are sure and lame.
Enigma shrouds the top,
Flagging the questions asked;
Grave the fault is I hear,
However, I’ve been tasked.
I’ll thus ask with no fear,
Jack the responses found;
Kindling the spark of wit,
Let me go round and round.
Most of my queries fit
Negate the laws you know.
Of course, there is mystery;
Pretense too, yes or no?
Questions asked in history
Return today to haunt.
Silencing great critics
Though, its power it’ll flaunt.
Understand the optics,
Vouch for my beliefs, please;
Who is the controller
X’ing out what He sees?
Your life’s sempiternal;
Zero in on the null.

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