‘For Those Who Persist, Shadows Will Vanish and Dawn Appear’

Two weeks was what it took renowned Kenyan author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Laban T M’mbololo, Esq to write the manuscript of his debut book Influence: The Secret of Selling. The author says that the book was received so well that he happened upon many a person who complimented him for bringing about a transformation of sorts in their lives. ‘I once walked into a bank, and a senior manager, who had read some of my books, revealed to me how she uses InfluenceThe Secret of Selling for running her branch and as a daily reference and guide. It was quite humbling, although God takes all the glory of my literary works,’ pronounces Mr Laban, speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction. He quickly adds, ‘God reveals to me the various ways in which I can serve my fellowmen.’

Author Laban T M’mbololo, Esq.

Shaping Minds, Shaping Lives

Mr Laban, who is in his mid-forties, tells us that although he began good composition writing way back in school, a deep passion for writing books started only in 2015. ‘That is exactly when Influence: The Secret of Selling happened,’ he states with a contagious smile.  

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Talking about his second book As a Man Saveth (Heal Your World), the author, who is currently spending time at an exotic tourist spot in Kenya, tells us it happened after he had written the first manuscript for Influence. ‘This was after an editor friend had gone through it, giving good remarks and feedback. I was so inspired that evening that I could not go to sleep. I began working on it right away,’ he says, adding, ‘My intellect was illuminated, and I became keen on producing content that blesses, inspires, and is considered a boon to mankind. That very night As a Man Saveth (Heal Your World) came into light.’ 

‘Feedback Catapults Me To Produce More Content’

Having published five books so far with a publisher based out of the US, Mr Laban, who takes inspiration from the Bible, avers that feedback being the food of champions catapults him to produce more inspiring content and come up with thought-provoking titles. ‘One such title is Why Are Dumb People RICHER Than You?’ lets on Mr Laban, who also has a strong academic background with accreditations from the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) British Computer Society (BCS), and Royal Society for Promotion of Health (RSPH), amongst others. 

On the question of whether he has thought of writing fiction, he states categorically he has no plans as of now to do so. ‘I am more into producing books in the self-help genre, and this will be my main focus unless I decide to change directions in the future,’ he explains.

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‘Autobiography of a Yogi Impactful’

While the author is no doubt inspired by the Bible, he goes on to share with us that David J Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big happens to be one of his favourites. ‘This wonderful piece expanded my thinking,’ he lets us know, adding, ‘And Neville Goddard’s Secret of the Ages challenged me to the core.’

Nonetheless, it was Autobiography of a Yogi by late Indian monk and yogi Paramahansa Yogananda that changed his way of thinking. ‘The book had a great impact on my way of living, and it provoked me into seeing things in a non-linear way. This book came to be known as one of Steve Jobs last gifts handed out in brown bags at his memorial service. It meant that much to him,’ he tells us. He then adds, ‘Another book that has been a source of inspiration to me is Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell.’  

Pointing out that this book reached millions of people in the nineteenth century without the advent of social media, he asks, ‘Are we not underselling ourselves on our capacity to get our content out there in the hand of the would-be readers?’ He then says that the book, nonetheless, has been an inspiration and cornerstone to him and that he has hitherto retained the audio version on his iPhone.

A Morning Person Who Loves Socialising 

Giving us a glimpse of his everyday life, the author, who writes early in the morning, says he is able to concentrate and put his thoughts together without the disruption of phone calls, status updates on Facebook and Instagram, and daytime meetings when he sits himself down to write between three and five in the morning. ‘When I get ideas, I take note of them on my notepad and then conceptualise them later. It is harder when you cannot recall what the idea was in the first place,’ he lets us know. 

Being a strict disciplinarian, Mr Laban, who likes to socialise and network with people outside his industry, tells us that he likes to have his days planned. ‘Thus, I have better ideas of how to get things accomplished and not in a hectic manner,’ he avers. And on the question of whether or not he consciously decided to become an author, he answers in the negative. ‘But one night, while reading intensely in 2015, it occurred to me that I have begun harbouring this great desire to distil my thoughts together in the form of a gem of a book. That is where the idea caught fire, and I implemented it by drafting the manuscript of my first book,’ he divulges. 

‘Content Matters’

When we ask Mr Laban if he has something to tell budding authors who lose motivation over time, he goes on to give an ideal piece of advice. ‘And it resonates with what Sir Issac Newton stipulated: For every action, there is a reaction.’ 

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Elaborating further, the avid traveller, who plans to write at least a hundred books in the next five years, says, ‘We make money by producing things that are required. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the book content is great. A good cover and a catchy title combined with 2,300 per cent growth of the internet per year should get your books selling. Persistence is what carbon is to steel. Most men and women give up early, and when things get tough, they fold. But for those who persist, the shadows will vanish, and the dawn will appear. They will then begin to see the abundance that is to be theirs.’ 

Be the Best Version of Yourself

The motivational author also stresses that a writer or orator must never settle for the mediocre. ‘Whether it is your first manuscript or talk you plan on giving, make sure it is well mapped out and go over it again and again. This exercise will improve your content and its quality, and you will get confident at your craft, trade or profession, or whatever it is that you do. The moment you stop learning and get satisfied, your growth will start getting hampered,’ he tells us. 

And is there a thing or two that he would want to be changed in the world? ‘Yes, I would want to see the widening gap between the poor and the rich narrowed. Also, these testing times have shown us how under-prepared we are in dealing with a pandemic. We need to pull up our socks and be one another’s keeper,’ he says, signing off with a smile. 

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PS: Laban T M’mbololo, Esq has so far written twenty-three books, all of which can be viewed on his website He also writes business articles for several magazines in the US and East Africa. While he happens to be writing more than ever before, he can also be seen on National TV, debating on issues affecting a high-octane business environment, conducting sales and business seminars, and participating in speaking engagements.

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