Like That Only

The Strange Library

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It happed when I wended my way across the teensy town,
to that wood eerie, silent, dark;
A library stood beside the park.
It well drew my attention, for its entrance had a clown.
He seeing me did nicely bark;
And looking into eyes mine, said, ‘Hark!’

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Feigned I attention, lending no ear to the funny clown,
who then thought I had become numb,
perhaps that I was way too dumb;
And yelling at the top of his voice, he said, ‘Please don’t frown’.
Then with a smile, proposed, ‘Please come.’
In I went, right hand holding plum.

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The library lit did first seem nice, but no soul wore a gown,
because the souls of body devoid
there hovered as if in a void.
Perplexed was I when I witnessed the sight, so did look down.
Then I hoped that me they’d avoid
as I got more and more annoyed.

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Before I fast could make my way out, came again the clown.
He had some books in his left hand,
And on his right he held a band;
Said he, ‘D’you know the ones you see here dwelt in that small town?’
And went, ‘This now is their whole land.’ His conduct I could not though stand.

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No sooner did I move than the books by the clown were strown,
transformed he into a white witch,
bellowed soon after, ‘You’re a bitch!’
Puzzled was soul mine, and the plum in hand, therefore, was thrown.
Said I to him, ‘What is the hitch?’
And added, ‘Matter this I ditch!’

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‘Since you have now entered’, said he, ‘this library strange.’
Then added, ‘You shall dwell forever here, there’ll be no change.’

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