Meet This Gay Author Who Has Served the American Military

Most of us might hate our nine-to-five jobs, but indie author T C Lovejoy finds both love and joy in what he does tirelessly during these very hours – writing. ‘I write Monday through Friday and generally from nine to five,’ says the gay author, speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction. And not only is Lovejoy pretty structured when he writes, but he is also always brimming with story ideas. ‘I am always writing down ideas at all times of the day or night,’ states the fifty-five-year-old, who loves travelling with his husband.

Having served the American military as a policeman, the gay icon tells us that he began writing after he had joined the military. ‘In hindsight, I probably started writing around twenty-five years ago,’ he says. And as intriguing as it might sound, Lovejoy feels his military service turned him into the writer he is today. ‘Writing was an everyday occurrence then. It has helped me become a better writer,’ he avers.

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Author T C Lovejoy

Bringing Characters to Life

Talking about his first novel, the parent of two kids, who lives most of the year in West Hollywood California, says it started with only two main characters. ‘They are Jack Hawkins and Lily the first vampire. All the other characters came to life on their own. My style is to let the characters come to life. I am only there to record the events,’ he explains, adding that Jack Hawkins was a character that had been rattling around in his brain for some time before he wrote the novel. ‘Also, both my grandfathers were in the First World War, and I was excited to incorporate some of that history into my first novel,’ he lets on.

As the conversation warms up, we realise that the author, who loves the Odd Thomas series by John Kootz, is driven by a strong passion for writing. His mien though is calm and composed. Perhaps the reason for his having a peaceful demeanour is the philosophy he believes in. ‘Hate infects. Either by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or what have you. My philosophy is just to be nice to everyone. You don’t know what someone else is going through,’ he tells us thoughtfully.

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A Former Cop Who Never Went to College

Upon being asked to give a glimpse of the life he had led before turning into a full-time writer, Lovejoy divulges that college was a place he never went to. ‘Notwithstanding, I have worked in the criminal justice system. First as a cop and then a private investigator where I specialized in criminal defence and helping the families of missing persons. I spent two years as an investigator for the defence team of a federal capital offence case,’ he explains.

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‘Peace’ of Advice

With three novels in his kitty right now, all part of The Knights of the 13th Dimension Series, Lovejoy, who believes that for some people the stories build up in their heads, thus making the characters scream to be brought to life, divulges that the fourth one is now in the making. ‘The series should have twelve or thirteen novels. Once those are completed, I have a few thrillers and mystery books planned,’ he states.

Be that as it may, he has just one thing to tell budding writers who lack consistency: It’s always great if your book does well, but that can’t be the reason that you write. ‘I actually write for myself and my characters. Don’t get me wrong, I hope everyone will join me in this journey,’ he says, signing off with a smile.

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