Raymond’s Heaven

Raymond was a boy of seven,
‘What’s meant by’, he asked when, ‘heaven?’
Mother took some time to answer;
Meanwhile danced as was a dancer.
‘I think I would need a great pen,’
She said, and went, ‘So may draw men.’
Boy affected silly smile when
Father came back home at ten.
Dad observed the mother dancing,
‘Heaven!’ he said, ‘you’re romancing.’
Mom then saw her sole son wonder
Whether he’d to grow to ponder.

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Soon she tried her best convincing
That the language was confusing.
Mattered not a thing mum stated;
Mad the child grew as if fated.
Father jumped in and debated
Whether concept God was dated.
‘Go to hell,’ the son said shouting,
‘What is heaven?’ started counting.

‘Over sky exists a world red
Where desire, hurt, greed, luck are dead’
Father’s voice was flat yet lively
Made son happy, he grew jolly!
He then turned to mom rejoicing
‘Answer mom’, said, ‘What’s romancing?’

Face hers grew chimpanzee like then
‘I,’ she stated, ‘want to draw men.’
Raymond smiled, at Dad did he look,
‘Dad dear, ‘Won’t you go now and cook?’

Chat this happened near a red den.
‘Lovely,’ yelled the son, ‘this heaven!’

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Image by Brad Dorsey from Pixabay

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