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Tshering Wangchuk

Tshering Wangchuk works as a teacher at Pakshikha Central School in Bhutan. Teaching has been his true passion. Besides teaching, he has a great passion for reading and writing poetry. Most of his poems talk about nature, life, society, and emotions. He believes that a poet is hidden inside each of us. He also feels that poetry should not be written with great and high vocabularies but must use selective and simple words so that even children may understand what the poet wishes to convey.

The Departed Humanity

Where has the humanity gone?
Have looked everywhere but in vain!
Is it frosted by the winter’s snow
Or washed by the summer’s rain?

The Last Month of Hope and What’s the Use?

What’s the use of a luxurious car
If it can’t fit a traveller travelling far?
Can you drive all alone with jubilant pride,
Having refused a soul a pleasant ride?