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Vidya Bharati

Vidya Bharti, an indie poet from India, has been writing since she was thirteen years old. Currently a sophomore, she is fascinated by words and the art of writing, for they tend to keep her lively. She writes on various themes and has a curious outlook towards life. Being incredibly imaginative and expressive, she likes participating in various literary activities. She is also passionate about reading and loves oratory. You can follow her on Instagram (@self_lovereaders).

A Talk With My Night

‘Both happiness and sorrow never stay.
This is what indicate the stars and the Moon.
Time matters to all of us; that’s why
Oft I stay and at times fade away too soon.’

A Moment Lost To Time

Coordinates require input, chance comes accidentally,
Rendezvous a meeting point, you do saunter aimlessly.
Vector an interception course, we cross paths randomly
Anticipation is foresight, I never imagined such beauty.


Waking up to the lazy winter sun,
Perched on a tree sings a lark.
Lives seem indolent and lethargic,
Snow falls softly while the day is still dark.