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Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green aka the radioactivangl currently lives in Northern Wisconsin, the US, and is forty-three years old with no children. Due to her childhood career, she is lucky enough to say she only has three states left to visit in the US. Besides, she has spent time in several parts of Canada and the UK. She was born in Germany to military parents and lived in Okinawa until she was five years old. Stephanie, nonetheless, started writing when she was about nine, including having a small story written and illustrated bound and placed in the US Library of Congress. It was a special project for grade school kids. Something that when thought about today, clearly means she was supposed to be a writer. Also, around that time she started taking the lists of vocabulary words off the chalk board and making one poem with as many as possible, by choice. Even her teachers thought she was odd. She stopped writing for the most part for over twenty years and just took it up again in October 2020. Reading and writing are passions of hers along with music and photography. She has spent the last two decades working in the trucking industry in the US in the Safety and Compliance field.

True King

Understand that I am
hurt on his behalf.
And I am hurt on my
own that anyone
believes I would love
or knowingly contemplate
marrying a man any less
than this true king who
would never willingly
claim this title.

My Journey

My journey has not
been easy or short.
And I have no wish
to beat the hurts
like a dead horse.
Much of my life
has been laid out
in my page end
to end.

On My Knees

When I am on my knees
& my head is bowed,
don’t count me out.
I am trying to decide
if I am coming back
as fire or ice, but
trust me,
I am coming back.