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Saiprakash Kuntamukkala

Saiprakash Kuntamukkala is a poet and an advocate from the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. While he absolutely adores poetry, he is also into debating and public speaking. He holds two bachelor's degrees besides an LLM.

Winter Song

A cloudy winter morning after a prolonged freezing chill
All these months, not one but three
The burrows emptying their rations
Hearts gathering their paces
Young couple from their frictional warmth
Venturing into balconies hand in hand

The Gratitude Poem

My failing to punctuate a sentence is both intentional and inability
Yet times my word power
So limited crept on repeating on the same tree
Like a bougainvillaea
With pale colours
But the critical acclaim but partial yet times
Fuelled my expressive venture like an adventure