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Parthita Dutta

Parthita Dutta, born in India, is a poet by choice and engineer by profession. She has got her poetry published in several anthologies and magazines, including Absolute Poetry Anthology (the UK), Asia Sings Anthology (Silk Road Literature), Sindh Courier Web Portal for world Literature (Pakistan), Sungurlu Newspaper (Turkey), News Kashmir, Litterateur International Magazine, Cultural Reverence International Magazine, Williwash Webzine, and many more. She writes poetry that covers a large domain of thought from grass to galactic gleam. Her poetry evokes a divine essence in readers' minds. Drawing their attention to all mundane things under microscopic view is profoundly insightful and a beacon for awakening spiritual love, harmony, and peace.

I Observe

His water brush draws
the mirror for the sky:
the vast lake beneath
captures the continuum
on its refractive surface
in deepening silence

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