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Moitreyee Raju

Moitreyee Raju is an avid reader who has always adored reading old English classics. She grew up reading books of all kinds, her most favourite being the famous English magazine 'The Readers’ Digest'. While she used to write on and off when she was a kid, she had never taken writing seriously until recently. And although she started by writing creative non-fiction, poetry eventually took over. A nature lover, Ms Raju loves the idea of amalgamating nature and emotions. One can, therefore, often find a generous sprinkling of it in her poetry. Her poem entitled 'Time' was lately adjudged one of the best poems of the day by Skylark Poetry Society, a renowned poetry group on Facebook. Be that as it may, her non-fictional works mainly deal with her experiences as a child. Furthermore, she loves to paint, for painting, besides poetry, pleasures her soul. Ms Raju currently lives in Kolkata, India, though she grew up in the industrial city of Jamshedpur. All she desires now is to work magic through her poetry.

When My Love Calls

When the night is blooming
In the realm of its own artistry,
A spec of moonlight
Dares to caress your charming face;
Almost instantly,
I stoop to plant a kiss
On your sleepy lips.
It’s that moment when my love calls…
A love that refuses to outgrow!


How can I forget
those long walks, those long talks?
Those endless hours of plucking flowers?
Those mindful roams around winding roads?
Those flying kites and those starry nights?
Making a huddle while playing in the puddle?
Chasing dragonflies and chasing butterflies?
Smelling the petrichor after the rains galore?
The winsome smile after running a mile?

I’m the City

I’m the city
I have
an enigmatic countenance
and a heart redolent of a mirage;
My charismatic appearance
Is a dreamy apparition
breeding frail hope and forbearance!