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M J Hill

M J Hill has been writing poetry since learning to write, with a collection started as young as six years old. From a young age she has been fascinated by words, the imagery of words, and the musicality they create when woven together in poetry. After gaining some confidence this year, she has begun her young selfโ€™s ambition to show her poetry to an audience a little bigger than the worn pages of her poetic diary.

Christmas Was Near

The excitement of knowing that Christmas was near
A scent you could smell in the air
That innocence of childlike hoping
To reap all your dreams would dare
The anticipation of Christmas Eve
Of waking to the perfect gift
Of music with bells, and Christmas roast smells

Paper Birds

Fill our paper birds with love
And weโ€™ll never truly grow old
And weโ€™ll never truly fade
Write our names in the heavenly sky
Forever immortal are our pages
Paper birds fly
Forever lasting in black and white

By the Water

Iโ€™ll sit with you a while my dear
As I often do
Look across the water clear
Turbulent serenity, blue
Iโ€™ll sip a morning coffee with you
Watch the passers by
Iโ€™ll hold your time written hands
And watch the flocking birds fly


The night pulls in
And the sun makes way for the moonlit sky
Octoberโ€™s golden sun has said its last goodbye
And winterโ€™s chill swirls in the breeze
Shaking the last remnants of Auburn from the trees
Lights in houses glow in the evening air
Shimmering black pavements, under branches bare
Children in soft woollen warmth to the chin
Kicking fallen leaves, the cold blushing their skin


The night pulls in and the sky is dark
And the Sun has long since set
The light of the moon behind heavy clouds
Muffled beams on black pavements pirouette
Shadows lurk and impose their gloom
The bite of a winter thatโ€™s on the prowl
Sends shivers down your spine

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