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Lynne Taylor

Lynne Taylor is a California native, poet, writer, artist, freelance photographer, and by day a United Parcel Service driver/package handler. Lynne is deeply connected to nature and wolves. Wolves are a fairly consistent theme of imagery and inspiration in her poetry. Lynne's latest poem entitled ‘Angel of the Wolf’ is featured in Eber & Wein Publishing's Best Poets of 2020: Quarantine Edition. Lynne's other poems in print are ‘My Wolf’ featured in Eber & Wein Publishing's This Time Around: Exploration, #35 featured in Eber & Wein Publishing's Best Poets of 2016: Volume 3, ”Goodnight Wolf” featured in Eber & Wein Publishing's American Poet: Vol.2, and “She Comes in the Night” featured in Eber & Wein Publishing's Who's Who in American Poetry 2017: Vol.2.

Angel of the Wolf

Such a cruel joke it would seem; as he is already
gone, but actually perfection with all things
considered. Only he can still hold her.

She Comes in the Night

She comes in the night, sleek and evil.

Beware of the Night: this beautiful killer,
exquisite predator, demon.

Wolves roaming, blood thirsty.

She is waiting to devour your soul and your children.

My Wolf

Why does such a powerful wolf as he,
seem almost shy in this game he plays?
So close yet just out of reach.
Listen, to the beauty and sadness as it resonates
throughout this night and my soul;
as he throws back his head
and opens his soul and song to this winter moon.