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Lucille A LaRoche

Lucille A LaRoche lives in Kennebunkport, the US. A registered nurse, she has a passion for seas and nature. She considers herself a diverse writer and has been writing poetry since 2005. She took a hiatus though and resumed composing poems in 2016. She enjoys free verse, and late American poet and essayist Walt Whitman is a great source of inspiration to her. She, however, enjoys Japanese poetry besides various other genres. Furthermore, she likes to compose poetry in English with French translation in honour of her Canadian heritage. Having been published in several poetry anthologies, she is looking forward to publishing her debut book this year.

Ethereal Beauty

Magical was this Sunset
By the Sea
As the art unfolded
Of the masterpiece
Sunset by the Sea at Twilight Time

As many times
That as l have witnessed
Sunsets and Sunrises
Living by the Sea;
Have l seen such
Ethereal Beauty