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Joshua Villanueva

Joshua Villanueva lives in Fresno, a major agricultural city in the state of California, USA. Known for its agriculture and for its unfortunate drug rate, this troubled city has always been home to him. Even at a young age, he’d been considered a strange outsider, someone who is not one with the crowd. Over the course of his education, his love for reading and writing grew more and more. Through trails, tribulations, and heartbreaks, it shaped him into the writer and poet he is today. When a pen is in his hand, all seems right within the world. At first, he wasn’t so sure about how people would receive his writing and poems. But once he shared some of his work, it garnered an exceptionally well response. He can be contacted through his blog (

It’s You

Your voice is music to me,
The kind that makes you wish the song would never end.
I could travel the seven seas within your beautiful eyes,
And to get lost in them would truly be a blessing.
To love a beauty such as yourself is an honor I hardly deserve,
For you bring out the best of me.