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Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill is a young writer who channels her deep emotions through free verse poems and her original works of art. Both Jamie’s admiration of the written word and her emotional capacity have been apparent since she was young, and it is learnt she excelled in reading and writing from an early age. The love of the written word and her ability to reach emotional depths saturate her work in the themes of love, pain, and loneliness. While late writers like Salinger, Plath, and Wolfe inspire the poet and artist, she also draws inspiration from art, music, spirituality, and anything that can evoke a feeling. Through her art, Jamie attempts to articulate real emotions and truly connect with the reader and the world.

I’ll Steal It

Sometimes when my brain needs a wash,
I’ll gather up my dirt and try to sort through it.
And sometimes I’ll come across five dollars in the pocket of a dirty, over-worn pair of jeans.
I’ll pull out my serendipity,
crumpled & small
and slip it into the pocket of the dirty, over worn pair of jeans I’m in because it feels like I’m taking this small ray of light from another day I’ve lived.