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Heather Lea

After much soul-searching, Heather Lea returned to writing poetry only two years ago, after a thirty-year gap. As a teenager, she often wrote to feel but never shared her workings in poetic form openly with anyone other than family and close friends. Ms Lea kept a collection of around fifty poems stored away, and after moving to a new place in 2018, found her collection and reread them. Reading her work inspired her to write again, and she picked up her pen and started sharing her work on Facebook.

Heather Lea lives in Blackpool, England and is the mother of two girls, now in high school. She is currently writing her first novel and is hoping to have her poetry book in print soon. She has now dedicated her time to writing and sharing her poetry as she has felt the impact words have on others. Her main goal is to share her thoughts so that others may gain wisdom and understanding to aid them on their journey. She has faced many challenges in life and has found a way to express these challenges, with their lessons and wisdom, in poetic form. She believes that poetic words hold in one's heart until the soul is ready to feel them and that a heart that's connected to the skies can creatively connect to all.

Her experience has allowed her to connect to people on many levels and helped her see the uniqueness of everyone's journey. Most of her poems are from her personal experiences of life and love, exploring the differences in connections and the reasons why we connect to specific energies. Over the past few years, she has spent much time reflecting and assessing her lifestyle. And this has given her the freedom to explore her abilities as a writer. She is thoroughly enjoying giving herself to the process of growth through creativity.

I Saw God Today

I saw god today,
He smiled at me through the beaming eyes of a giggling child.
I felt god today,
He was in the warm glow of the sun shining through the fluffed, feathered clouds.

From Nothing

The sky beams bright
In sparkled shine.
The room lights up in faith.
I breathe in hope.
I feel the strength
Of my invisible army
And embrace their presence.

Goldfish Doesn’t Envy Cat

Yet here we are, we fuss and fight;
We shout at dark and envy light;
We push we pull we play the game
Of right and wrong; the blame and shame.

Santa Is With You

So next time that you see a soul struggle through the day,
Think of how your Santa would bring love to fill their day,
And every gift that you receive, be grateful and feel blessed,
Knowing Santa’s with you and that his love never rests.

Connected as One

In two eyes, we observe; in one eye we connect.
Two eyes make judgements that one eye rejects.
Two eyes show this one life, one eye shows the rest.
Two eyes watch the lesson; one eye takes the test.