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Michael Dulake

Michael Dulake was born in London, the UK. One of ten children, he was reared in a children's home by his foster parents, whom he adores very dearly. He struggled through life and had a forty-year friendship with alcohol. Nonetheless, four years ago, he began a recovery journey. Two years into the journey, Michael started writing poetry to try and keep his focus. He joined a poetry group in May 2020 and progressed to starting up his own poetry group called 'Mike Kind of People' in November. In a span of three months, Mike had nearly 500 members in his astounding group. He sees poetry as a great way of expression, and one can often hear him state poetry saved his life.


I always looked round in your universe
I noticed that others had lives that were worse
So why years of drinking to blot out the pain
I have lame excuses but I just can’t explain