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Clive Norman

Born in 1950, in the quaint village of Alfriston in East Sussex, England, the United Kingdom, nestled between hills in the Cuckmere Valley, Clive Norman had a magical childhood roaming the hills, meadows, river banks and wooded landscapes with his two brothers and friends. He learnt to swim at Cuckmere Haven, dwarfed by the Seven Sister Cliffs, and in the river Cuckmere above the sluice gate to the north of the red bridge, crossing the river on roads leading to Milton Street in one direction and Lullington and Litlington in the other. Due to circumstances beyond his control, a Judo accident in 1972, leaving him in both physical, and mental pain, he has had to live an extremely solitary life for the last thirty-four years devoting himself to the pursuit and search of the one actual reality, the peace within, ending his sufferances and beyond. For the last four years, he has been in retreat, almost like a Buddhist monk, not leaving his home. Nonetheless, Four years ago, poetry started to stream from his mind, flowing like beautiful clear waters of an underground mountain spring, bursting forth into the radiant light of the dawning sun. Though he did write four poems back in 1989, he remembers only one of them. It's entitled 'I am but what I am.' The poet has recently written a revised version of this poem, adjusting only the last line, reflecting his new-found self, and peace within.

The Spirit Learns

A good life is a contented life;
It isn’t chasing rainbows of flighty fleeting moments of happiness, fading ever-faster into flimsy emptiness.
It isn’t your colour, race, religion or creed,
Your gender, culture, or whether you are rich or poor.

Esoterical Infusions

I am ego, a creation of gifted evolution
Born to create mayhem
Playing devil’s advocate upon the manifested plane, of illusionary realities
Only to be suppressed, and overcome, through devotional practices