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Gen Banks

Gen Banks is an Australian writer of Sri Lankan and Italian heritage and the mother of two grown children. As a person living with autism, Gen is passionate about advocating for others on the spectrum; for human and animal rights, environmental sustainability, and mental health awareness. In addition to writing, she enjoys music, art, nature, and spending time with her menagerie of animal companions at her home in tropical Queensland. She writes under the names Gen Banks, GenX, GenKu, and Gothink Poetry. Her work has been published in Raven Cage e-zine; Open Skies quarterly; Impspired magazine; Poetic, Lie, Sense magazine; and on the website Compositor. For the past couple of years, she has been moderating several poetry groups on Facebook.

A Most Unusual Name

Lets-call-her-Lee had long dreamed
of escaping;
of changing her name
and taking a Greyhound
to someplace deemed safe