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Antaryami Mishra

Antaryami Mishra, a renowned poet from the state of Odisha in India, has won several awards for his prolific literary works. Poetry, for him, is a passion, a manner of living, and an interaction of the inner-self with the others. Human love, its failings, dreams and the shattering of dreams, the negative forces in the society that harm the peaceful co-existence of humans find a prominent place in his compositions in a symbolic, dreamy, and evocative way. They, thereupon, entice the readers as they read his poems. ‘Pity’ and ‘pathos' are points of observation in his poetic presents.

Rose and Eros

Why so special a man really is?
For his feelings, actions, power to pursue, learn and teach!
Feelings of love, a major chunk of human thought;
Eros instils such feelings mostly, modulates sperm to zygote!