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Alisha Srivastava

Alisha Srivastava is a student and poetess hailing from India. She is passionate about writing and literature. Her short stories and poems have reached popular anthologies. Late American poet Robert Lee Frost is a great source of inspiration to her. She indulges herself in free verse and narrative poetry. 'Symbolism' has always been an indispensable component of her poems.

The End of a Journey

When half of it had rained off
And half of it remained
The jewels that made it dazzle
Were yet to go away.
A heart-wrenching separation
Between the two took place.
They kissed each other goodbyes,
And from each other’s lives
Got erased forever.
They got erased, forever…

The Lost Branch

Having nobody’s shoulder to cry on
The branches shed tons of tears
Facing downwards
Gazing at the prostrate body
Of the loved, lifeless bough.
Their throat aches
Along with their heart,
Heart that had snapped into two.
Weeping makes their eyes swell
And they beg for the presence
Of the bough in their lives again
Knowing that it was gone forever.
Yes, it was gone forever.