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Adeline is a small town writer with big hopes for the future. Among her short stories and poems, she also writes novels. She is not published yet, but that is one of her goals. She lives with her parents, her five sisters, and two brothers, along with five horses, two dogs, and two cats. It's definitely a zoo - and she draws much inspiration from it.

‘Sea’ You Later

Peter nodded, then looked back out at the sea. I followed his gaze. Sunshine reflected off the surface of the water, mirroring brilliance. Waves rose and fell with roaring energy. It was scary, beautiful, and oh so wondrous. I needed to come here more often.

When the Fall Fell

Amber and scarlet leaves danced on the ground, stirred up by a Southern wind. I pulled my cardigan closer around me. Always a woman who dressed for the season, I had a large collection of cardigans specially selected for the fall. But that’s not exactly important. I took a deep breath. The fresh, autumn scent had a calming effect.